How do you know you are ready to be a mom?

I always said I wanted to be a mom, but in a very far future. In my 20’s and in my early 30’s I had too much to do.

I studied in different cities, I lived in different countries, I travelled a lot, I had a big group of friends and I attended lots of parties and events. Also I had time to fell in love and to have my heart broken. I had time to learn and I had time to suffer.

When I was 31 I met the man of my life, Mr G. Both agreed to settle down together but also we agreed to take some time for ourselves before to start a family.

Both of us share our love for travelling and exploring the world. So before to start with all the kids staff we decided to see the world.

But everything changed when my sister had a baby. The little M changed everything.

My partner and I fell in love immedialty with that little angel and both of us decided that was the right moment to start our own family.

My mind made just like a click.


I think there is not a perfect moment to become a mum. When you are with the right person maybe you do not have financial stability.

Sometimes you have financial stability but in that specific moment you want to focus so badly on your career.

My advice is follow your heart.

You know when you are ready. In that specific moment you start to imagine yourself with a baby or you find that the world is full of pregnant women.

You see babies everywhere and they do not disturb you anymore. You want a quiet life and deep on you, you know you are ready.


The biological age is important for women when they want to be mothers. Of course, as younger as better.

Your fertility on your 20’s is on the top. But maybe in that moment emotionally you are just a mess and you are trying to figure out who you are.

Or maybe not. Maybe you are super mature and you can be a great young mom.

Sometimes in your 30’s you feel right. You know who you are. You have already lived a lot of experiences and you are ready to be the best mom even the most fertile years are already gone.

Maybe it takes a little longer to get pregnant for you than that friend that is just 25, but when you get a positive, you are the happier person on earth.

Other times, is on your 40’s that you decide to take that last chance to be a mom. Or the last chance to become a mom again.

I have a friend that already had two beautiful teenager daughters.

She was 43 and she got pregnant naturally with an adorable baby boy. She felt it was the right moment and she went for it.

So when you feel that to be a mom is what you want more in life. My advise is: go for it.

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