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How to choose the best fertility clinic?

Choose a Fertility Clinic that suits your needs is quite challenging. The clinic you will choose it is going to determine the treatment you will follow and the success of your dream: to start a family.

First of all I will suggest to start visiting the Fertility Clinics after making previous fertility tests. So you should be sure that your husband has been properly checked out by a urologist and you have already run some basic tests like: an hormones bloodtest, an ultrasound and maybe an hysterosalpingogram (HSG) or a sonohysterography.

For the other hand, I suggest not to visit only one Fertility Clinic. My advice is to make a short list of the possible clinics that catch your eye and visit between 3 to 4 of them, not less and not more. Believe you will have enough variety when choosing.

At the same time I suggest you to visit all the clinics the couple together. The reason is that the female part of the couple is the one that fights the most on the search. The women are always the biggest decision maker in these situations. So keep your husband or partner involved by visiting the clinics together and choosing together and both of you will feel more attach in this huge life project.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a fertility clinic?

The clinic’s lab

This is the most important factor. The quality of the Lab, and the experience of embryologists and biologists who work there, will determine the treatment success. Before selecting the clinics you want to visit, you should inform yourself if their labs offer the latest techniques in assisted reproduction, if they have implemented the newest fertility technology and if they are investing on research.

The clinic’s fertility specialists

The doctors who work in the clinics and who will treat you should have deep knowledge about different fertility aspects, must be really experienced on the field, as well they should be involved on research and attend as many congresses as possible. At the same time they should be empathetic and caring about your issues. Fertility is really a very sensitive topic so you should feel the clinic’s staff is there for you.

The clinic should be open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year

This looks silly but in fact it is not at all. Each women’s menstrual cycle works her way and each fertility treatment should adapt to her calendar. For example, if a woman has the endometrium ready for an embryonic transfer on the 21st and that day is Sunday, it is best to have the clinic open. Could the embryo  be transferred on the 22nd? Surely yes. Can it be effective? Surely yes. Is it optimal? No. At the same time it is important that the clinic open for any possible emergency.


It is a very important factor but it should not be the most decisive when choosing a fertility clinic. Unfortunately Assisted Reproduction is expensive, whatever clinic you choose. My advice is that if you really like a clinic and you really feel attach to a specific doctor or to a clinic staff, do not neglect this center because it costs 500 or 1000 euros more than another. In short, this will be the most important investment of our life and it is worth choosing the best possible clinic.

Check the clinic’s success rates

Check and compare the pregnancy rates of each fertility clinic, also the different treatments they offer and the success rates in each of them.

Clinic’s hospital support service

Fertility clinic’s only offer ambulatory surgeries, small treatments that does not require an overnight hospital stay. But from time to time, in really exceptional cases, something may go wrong and you would need some hospital support. So make sure your clinic has an agreement with a hospital.

I hope these tips help you to figure out what is next on your fertility path. I wish good luck to all of you!!!!!

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