I am Núria

First of all I would like to thank you all of you that are visiting this page. I suppose that if you visit this blog is because some how we share a common wish. I hope my journey can help you to bring a little light on your search.

My name is Núria and since I was 20 I know I suffer from PCOS. So, somehow, since I was really young I assumed it will be, for me, a little more difficult to become a mom. Luckly, even PCOS is one of the most common infertility issues, it is also one of the easiest to solve. So since I was in my early 20’s I controlled my diet and I stayed as healthy as I can. So nowadays, with the right diet and some exercise, my PCOS are under control.

Almost a year and a half ago my partner, Mr T, and I started to look for a baby. I suffered several miscarriages and after a lot of tests, we knew Mr T body only produces a few amount of totally altered sperm. For us, it is almost impossible to become parents with our own genes so we decided to adopt two embryos that are already waiting for us. Right now we are on an Assisted Reproduction break because of the Coronavirus pandemic situation. But we are looking forward for the embryos transfer.

I decided to write this blog for two reasons. The first one as a kind of a diary. I would like to document everything I have learned (that it has been a lot) and I have experienced on the infertility path. And as a second reason, I would like to help other women who are facing the same fertility problems.

Infertility is really confusing, frustrating and soo consuming. It consumes a lot of time, efforts and also a lot of money. When I faced the misscarriages and I started to look for an answer I felt totally lost. So I just hope my experience can help you to deal with it a little better.